Surprise yourself! Get up for the dawn on the solstice and meet us in the park for a gentle stretch and some tasty breakfast! The park’s amazing in first light!

4.15-5.30am – Sunrise Yoga
For the super early birds! Salute the sun with gentle stretching at sunrise with Sion. Bring a mat and blanket (we’ll have a few to share).

4.43am – Sun Up

5.30-9.30am – Breakfast
Fresh and healthy breakfast for early birds; summer fruits, fresh herb teas & flat breads and porridge cooked over the fire by the Grapes Community Food Garden team with Forest Schools leader Jim.

6am – Zen Pilates
A chilled stretch-out with Sophie. Bring a mat.

7.45-8.45am – Tai Chi
Gentle movement with Lis from Friends of Princes Park

All sessions take place by the big oak tree just up from Woodhenge in Princes Park, L8. Enter the park via the Devonshire Rd/Belvedere gate and bear right.

Other activities throughout the day include cooking with a solar oven, rainbow-making, a vegetable orchestra, deck-chair snoozing, fire-making, tree-hugging and making a community of suns. And whatever your thing is – bring it along! All activities are accessible for all and food is free / ‘pay as you feel’ and all donations will go to the ‘Soup-It Forward campaign.

Embrace your inner fire and join us in the park to mark the longest, lightest day of our year; the summer solstice. Everyone is welcome to come and breathe deep, make shapes, enjoy seasonal foods, explore the park, cook over the fire and meet new friends.

Summer Event
Eid Afternoon Tea